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500 + Hot Rods

After six years of Rods on the Bluff, the automotive community has made this event its’ clubhouse. As a group of enthusiast we have taken advantage of this prestigious platform and we often honor pioneers of the local scene, raised funds for worthy and needy organizations, and created the largest ongoing event series in the greater San Joaquin Valley.

30 + Vendors

If you are a motivated vendor that is looking for new customers and profits, then HRC has a great opportunity that you need to take advantage of. The HRC team is eager to host your business and expose your brand to over 500 hot rods and 3,500+ spectators. Hot Rod Coalition has created a very unique opportunity for vendors. Pricing starting at as little as $50.00 for a 10×10 sq. ft. space you can set up your own personal market place and have access to all that rods on the Bluff has to offer. Read more

Picturesque Venue

Rods on the Bluff is located at the Park Place Shopping Center on Palm and Nees. This picturesque venue offers beautiful sunsets, cool breezes on triple digit days, an inviting park, maturing shade trees, first class dining, shopping, and much more. Many participants park their car and never look back until the event is over because there is simply so much to do at the event and options within the venue itself.

We Create Fun

Whether you’re being interviewed by Jim of KYNO Radio, participating in a Vendor Poker Run, spinning out of control while wrapping yourself in raffle tickets, or cruising the event grounds in your pride enjoy, HRC has FUN covered. It is our goal to always be innovative in the car show scene. We agree with you, we are tired of, “Sit in your lawn chair events”. We want our participants to be active in all sorts of different ways. Grab your friends and family and join us at one of our many gathers and see how HRC likes to push on the traditional car show.

The Nuts and Bolts

Dates: Friday – April 1, May 6th, September 2nd, October 7th.

Time: 5:30 – 8:30pm

Venue: Park Place Shopping Center (Palm & Nees), 7775-7785 N. Palm Ave., Fresno, CA

Contact: Hot Rod Coalition Team


Phone: 559-825-6808

Cost: $10 PER CAR.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I thought last year Rods on the Bluff was on Saturday nights?

A: That is correct, but after much deliberation and market research we are going back to FRIDAY NIGHTS for 2020!

Q: How much is the classic car entry fee to get into Rods on the Bluff?

A: It is $10 per car to get into Rods on the Bluff. After 10 years, we finally had to increase our entry fee by $5. After barely keeping HRC inc. in business through the pandemic, we have some serious rebuilding and holes to fill. Thank you for your understanding as we focus on rebuilding a healthy and thriving local hot rod scene.

Q: What time can we roll into the show

A: 4:00 at the absolute earliest

Q: Can we save parking spots for our friends?

A: Yes, but not past 5:15 P.M.

Q: Are we allowed to set up an EZ-UP by our car?

A: No, unless you are on the grass OR if you put it behind your car.  Use this as a rule of thumb, we need every parking spot to have a car in it and nothing else. We sell out all the time and if we turn away a hot rodder because you have an EZ-Up in a parking place, we’re going to have an angry participant and a problem on our hands.

Q: Can we bring our dog.

A: No. Out of respect for the spectators and participants we request you leave your pets at home. Not everybody is comfortable around animals and hot rodders don’t like them sniffing around their cars:) Sorry for the inconvenience

Q: Can we bring alcohol to the event

A: No, but you can buy beer and wine inside the park at our new beer garden!