Grand National Roadster Show 2020

I know, I say this every year, but the build quality of the cars continue escalate. If I had to boast about one aspect of the event this year, it would be about all the traditional roadsters competing for the AMBR. Unfortunately none of them took home the idol style trophy, but that’s because the pro-built rod by Squeeg Kustoms was off the chain. However, in 2016 the ’32 Ford built by Darryl Hollenbeck took home the American’s Most Beautiful Roadster and set the traditional hot rod scene on the map. People were up in arms and I couldn’t have loved it more. This year I was hopeful that they judges were feeling nostalgic, but they weren’t. 

Hot Rod Coalition had the privilege of getting in a little bit before the crowds so that we could capture some event coverage for ya! We look forward to this show every year because of its unmatched quality and size. Thanks for stopping by the site and enjoy the pictures.